Leadership Development


Where to Begin

Leadership Development at H-E-B exists to accelerate the growth of Leaders and Partners so they can contribute their best to ensure H-E-B is the best. Whether you want to develop by growing yourself, leading others, or managing the work, there are a variety learning experiences designed to help you prepare, learn, and grow.
These sections have solutions for all levels of experience.
Grow Yourself
Want to improve personally (style, communication, thinking)?
Lead Others
Want to improve your leadership skills (coaching, team building, management)?
Manage the Work
Want to improve how your approach your work (organize your tasks or projects; negotiate; influence; achieve expectations)?

What's New?


Interest Button

2021 Open Enrollment classes will be scheduled based on interest! For early 2021, we will not publish an open calendar of classes in iDevelop – instead we are using the “I’m Interested!” button feature to help determine when classes are needed and schedule them just-in-time!

Self-Paced Offerings

Now available for Franklin Covey courses: your favorites and some new ones too!

Just in Time (JIT) Resources

JShort on time? Start your learning journey today with these tools and resources.
How do I indicate I’m interested? 

1. Go to the course page in iDevelop.
2. Either click Register to get to available classes or click the “I’m interested!” button.
3. After you click, follow the prompts to indicate your interest and hit “Submit”.

You will receive a notification that you are on the list to be automatically notified when a class is scheduled.

So when will classes be scheduled? 

After we receive enough “interest” to fill a class, we will create a class in iDevelop. Then Partners who clicked the button will notified automatically via email that they can register!

What if I can’t attend the scheduled date or the class fills quickly? 

No problem! You will continue to be on the list to be notified for the next scheduled class.

What if I changed my mind and don't want to attend or get notifications? 

You can use the “opt out” link in the notifications email you receive to opt out at any time.

I don't see the "I'm interested" button for some classes. 

Yes, COVID precautions mean that we are not offering many in-person courses. Take advantage of signing up for the virtual version! (Some may even be offered as self-paced courses!)

NOTE: Please only indicate interest for UP TO 3 courses at a time. If you select more than 3, your interest selections may be removed.Insert Insert your text here